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 Talent + Skill = Strength

Not understanding this simple formula combined with challenges in the areas of communication, teaming, management performance, and accountability form the foundation of most issues within organizations. Genesis Group's expertise lies in 3 specific areas:

-Talent Identification and Development

- Improving Engagement

- Reducing Turnover of Key Personnel

If these areas are not addressed your organization isn't going to be strong, you will not grow, will not weather financial ups and downs, and will not maximize your human capital.  The most cost effective place to start addressing these areas is with your supervisors and mangers, they have the most impact on your associates engagement.

An article recently written by the Gallop organization says the American workforce consists of 29% engaged employees, 55% who are not engaged and 16% who are actively disengaged. That makes a total of 71% of the workforce not engaged. So what is the cost to a company when 71% of the workforce is not engaged? Engagement issues in a 100 person company is costing $1,750,000. In a 1000 person company it is $17,500,000. The assumption here is that the actively disengaged employees are giving you 50% of their capabilities and engaged employees 100%.

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We identify and develop your talent and improve engagement and retention of your key associates. Below are some of our clients who are enjoying the benefits of what we do.

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